Battery Wrap Desert Camo // 18650


#1 Safety starts with safe batteries. If you have warn out batteries or they simply need a visual freshen up this is it.
Made from strongest PVC material available without being too thick affecting fitment into your mod.

These wraps have proven themselves time and time again as the heavy duty protectors in our personal mods.
Pre-cut perfectly to suit your 18650 batteries. Carefully strip the old damaged wrap, insert battery equally into the new wrap and slowly wave your hairdryer around the whole battery while it shrinks/wraps it self around nice and tightly.

Once it’s wrapped it self around the battery, give it few seconds to cool down and it’s ready to use!

Note: When installing fresh battery wrap please don’t forget to retain the safety ring located at ” + ” side of the battery.

– Heavy duty PVC material.
– Desert Camo in colour.
– VST Stamped.

What’s in the box:
1 x PVC Battery Wrap (18650 size, pre-cut) Desert Camo.