Cotton Bacon PRIME by Wick N Vape


Wick ‘N’ Vape has blessed the vape market with organic cotton wicking material for years, and they’re continuing to up the game by releasing their latest product, Cotton Bacon PRIME. This specific cotton has been created just for vaping, and is some of the cleanest and easy to use cotton on the market. It features a 33% faster absorption rate and separates much easier than nearly any cotton product on the market. Cotton Bacon PRIME is four inches in length, has a heavy body, and requires no break-in time, meaning it’s a 100% tasteless wick! What’s even more impressive about this glorified fluffy cotton is that it’s U.S. grown, and it has dual fibers for optimal wicking and heat resistance. Lastly, you’ll love its large fibers that were designed for low ohm builds with the ability to reduce dry hits, and as always, Cotton Bacon PRIME is 10g of cotton wicking material that’s packaged in a resealable travel size package.

– Ideal for Squonking, Tanks & Rebuildables
– 33% Faster Absorption rate compared to regular Cotton Bacon
– 4″ Length Strips
– U.S. Grown Dual Fiber for Optimal Wicking and Heat Resistance_
– Large Fibers for Low Resistance Builds and Minimal Dry Hits
– Convenient Travel Size, Resealable Packaging
– 100% U.S. Grown Organic Cotton
– Easier Separation

What’s included
– 1 x Bag of Cotton Bacon PRIME ( Contains 10 strips of Cotton)

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