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Please read these terms before using our website.

Terms and Conditions Overview:

Secret Bunker Vapour website is operated solely by Secret Bunker Vapour, by visiting and/using the this website you engage in the service we provide you, you become bound to the following terms and conditions (listed below) if you do not agree to all of the terms and conditions listed below you must stop using this website & it’s services. The terms and conditions apply to every user whether registered or anonymous. We strongly recommend you read the terms and conditions very carefully before accessing or using any service of Secret Bunker Vapour website.

Online Terms and Conditions:

By agreeing to all the terms and conditions stated on the Secret Bunker Vapour website, you legally represent yourself that you are at least 18 (EIGHTEEN) years of age! You can NOT use any of Secret Bunker Vapour’s products for any illegal, unauthorised purpose or misuse and/or usage. You must not attempt to transmit/upload/hack and/or send worms, bugs, Trojans, hacks or any viruses of a destructive nature through the Secret Bunker Vapour website. Any breach will result in immediate termination of your services and reported to the relevant authorities.

General Terms and Conditions:

You agree and understand that your personal information may be transferred unencrypted and involve various transmissions over various networks in order to translate that information to the technical requirements the networks and/or devices require in order to verify and complete a transaction. (What this basically means is that your details need to be converted to “computer language” so that a payment can be made and our system gets notified to pack your order)

Changes to Pricing:

Secret Bunker Vapour reserve the right to change the pricing of it’s products at any time.

Accuracy, Completeness and Timeliness of Information:

Secret Bunker Vapour is NOT responsible if the information on Secret Bunker Vapour website is NOT accurate, complete or current and or up to date. The material and information that is available on Secret Bunker Vapour website that is provided is only for general information only and should only be used as a reference, the information found on Secret Bunker Vapour website should never be used as the sole basis for making decisions without consulting with more accurate sources of information. Any information you decide to rely on Secret Bunker Vapour website you accept full responsibility if any failure, fault, damage, financial loss, injury, illness and/or death occurs and you do so at your own risk. Secret Bunker Vapour has no obligation to update and information on this website. You agree, accept and understand that it is your responsibility to monitor any changes to the Secret Bunker Vapour website.


You agree and hereby indemnify, defend and hold harmless Secret Bunker Vapour: the director and CEO of Secret Bunker Vapour, all of its affiliates, workers, suppliers, agents, contractors and service providers harmless from any and all claims including but not limited to: damage, property damage, compensation, liabilities, actions, demands, law suits, injury/injuries, disease/disease’s, death, loss/losses, any attorney’s fees and any other legal fees, by any third-party and/or any person/persons due to or arising out of your breach of these terms and conditions, usage of our products and/or if you break/violate any of your local and state laws or the rights of a third-party.

Changes to Terms and Conditions:

Secret Bunker Vapour reserves the right to make necessary changes and updates to the terms and conditions. Changes to the terms and conditions will be made at the Secret Bunker Vapour terms and conditions section (this page). It is your responsibility to read, understand and accept the Secret Bunker Vapour terms and conditions. It is also your responsibility to check periodically for any changes made before proceeding to use the Secret Bunker Vapour website. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions you must stop using Secret Bunker Vapour website immediately.

Copyright Statement:

All information and literature displayed on Secret Bunker Vapour remains the intellectual property (IP) ofSecret Bunker Vapour solely, that is protected by Copyright. You may not copy, edit and amend any documents, images or information to render them suitable to your purposes. You must not sell or re-distribute any intellectual property of Secret Bunker Vapour, or derivatives thereof nor attempt to. Any person found infringing or breaching this contract will be held accountable and liable through the court of law, for any loss that we may sustain and we will hold you the person(s) in breach accountable and liable for any profits you may make from non-permitted use. The courts will determine the enforceability depending on the severity of the infringement and/or breach.


E-Liquid contains food grade ingredients, due to the nature of our products Secret Bunker Vapour does NOT allow returns due to hygienic reasons. Please keep in mind that taste is subjective to each and every person as they have a different set of taste buds! Secret Bunker Vapour goes through an extensive testing of E Liquids (including the testing of E Liquid in drippers, rta’s, tank/sub ohm). Secret Bunker Vapour cannot guarantee satisfaction to everyone however we do believe you will genuinely be satisfied with our E-Liquids, their purity and premium flavour.

We pride ourselves on the best quality if in the event you think there is something “wrong” with your E-Liquid or it is damaged in transit please contact us for a solution.

Privacy Policy Statement:

Secret Bunker Vapour only collects information from you when you register, subscribe, email and/or place and order. When filing out any form on our website you will be asked to enter your name, e-mail address, mailing address (when placing an order), phone number and credit card information via PayPal (when paying for an order). You can visit the Secret Bunker Vapour site anonymously if you wish to do so. Secret Bunker Vapour will never ever release your personal information to any third parties unless required by law.

What does Secret Bunker Vapour use my information for?

Secret Bunker Vapour will send emails of the following:

-confirmation emails when subscribing, registering, ordering, shipping or inquiry.

-shipping information, receipt and order confirmation of your purchase to the email address supplied by you when placing the order.

-Secret Bunker Vapour values and respects your privacy highly, and will NEVER release or sell your information to ANY third parties unless required by law.

What does Secret Bunker Vapour collect my personal information for?

Secret Bunker Vapour is required by law & the ATO to keep a copy of your order for 5 years. We keep this as a digital copy on a secure external hard drive. After 5 years the digital copy is deleted forever.

How does Secret Bunker Vapour protect my information?

Secret Bunker Vapour has a large variety of high security features and measure to maintain the safe keeping of your personal information when placing an order or submit any other form of contact through the our website.

All sensitive credit card information is transmitted via a secure socket layer (SSL) technology, then it is encrypted into the Secret Bunker Vapour payment gateway providers database (PayPal), that is only to be accessible by those authorized with special access rights, they are also required to keep the information safe, secure and confidential (PayPal). After a transaction/transmission has been completed your sensitive information (credit card details) will NOT and can NOT be stored on the Secret Bunker Vapour Servers. Secret Bunker Vapour does NOT have any access to your credit card information at any time. In plain simple English basically PayPal does all of this and Secret Bunker Vapour has no permission, control or access to this.


Does Secret Bunker Vapour use cookies?

Yes we do, this is to maintain shopping carts between pages, and user log in between pages.

Online Privacy Statement:

This online privacy policy applies only to the information that is collected through Secret Bunker Vapour website and is not to information that is collected offline.

Your Consent:

By using Secret Bunker Vapour website, you agree and consent the Secret Bunker Vapour Privacy Statement. If you do NOT agree you should immediately stop using the Secret Bunker Vapour website.

Changes to Privacy Policy Statement:

Secret Bunker Vapour reserves the right to make necessary changes to its privacy statement at any given time for any given reason. In the event Secret Bunker Vapour makes any changes to its privacy policy, any changes will be made in the Secret Bunker Vapour website privacy policy section (this page). It is your responsibility to read, understand and accept the Secret Bunker Vapour privacy statement. It is also your responsibility to check periodically for any changes made before proceeding to use the Secret Bunker Vapour website.


Secret Bunker Vapour only accepts ONE method for all online orders, payments of all online orders is through PayPal via a secured payment gateway.

You can pay direct from your PayPal account or use the “express” option PayPal now offers if you dont have a PayPal account. PayPal express can only accept Visa or Mastercard. (PayPal express option is great for those who do NOT have a PayPal account)

PayPal uses the latest SSL encryption standard and is ever updating to ensure your details are safe and secure during checkout and payment.

Sensitive credit card information is NEVER EVER stored on Secret Bunker Vapour servers, nor does Secret Bunker Vapour ever have access to that information.

All payments are processed through Secret Bunker Vapour ABN: 50 129 167 013. All prices are inclusive of Australian taxes.

Secret Bunker Vapour DOES NOT SUPPLY NICOTINE. All of our E-Juice products sold on this website do not contain nicotine.


Secret Bunker Vapour uses Australia Post for all domestic shipping requirements.
All domestic parcels shipped by Secret Bunker Vapour include a tracking number.

Secret Bunker Vapour does not take any responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged parcels after the parcel has been handed over to Australia Post.

All orders are posted 24h/48h (in business day) after payment has been received and cleared.

Customers are responsible for all shipping costs associated with their order. We do not refund shipping costs for any reason.

Lost , stolen, damaged or missing packages:

Secret Bunker Vapour is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen packages. If you did not receive a package that is marked as delivered, it is your responsibility to resolve this issue with the post office. Lost, damaged or stolen packages are very frustrating and we will do our best to help you resolve the problem. Please understand though that this is completely beyond our control and does require you contact the post office for assistance.

Failed transactions:

Many things can cause a credit or debit card transaction to fail. Typos and incorrect billing information are common causes. Particularly with debit cards, funds are held (by your bank) when a transaction is attempted. It may take several days (7 to 10 on average) for those funds to be released back to your account in the case of a failed transaction. Please be sure all information is exactly as it appears on your bank statement to avoid held funds.
Secret Bunker Vapour also reserves the right to refund you your funds without notice for placed order if we suspect there is an error or misuse of our website.


Hardware will come with it’s own specified manufacturer warranty. Please note, if item is on sale that means we are getting rid of the old stock which we will no longer replenish, hence the saving we pass on to you. This means buyer beware and warranty is not included in the sale.